Integrated safety, environment and quality policy

Far Srl. commits to achieve the improvement of its workers' health and safety. For this purpose it offers its instruments and its human and economic resources, considering this point an integral part of its activity and a strategic commitment, within the context of the more general objectives of the company. FAR also undertakes to achieve ever-greater customer satisfaction, over time, as a prerequisite to develop and guarantee company success, together with environment protection and a reasonable use of natural resources.

To this end the company has drawn up this document and now circulates it among all its members. The company also ensures:

  • health and safety, environment and quality will be considered as essential points of its policy during the planning of new activities, as well as on occasion of the review of existing projects;
  • compliance with applicable laws as well as any other regulation on work health and safety, environment and quality undersigned by FAR, will be considered as a priority.
  • All workers will be fully informed, trained and made aware of safety matters, in order to carry out their duty suitably. All workers will be involved in any discussion regarding work health and safety, by means of the workers' representative for health and safety matters. Also INFORMATION ON BUSINESS RISKS will be circulated among all workers;
  • All machinery, systems, equipment and tools, the working premises, the operative methods and all the organizational aspects will be conceived as to protect workers' health and safety, as well as the safety of any third party involved and the community where the company operates;
  • Any emergency resulting from the working activity will be dealt with promptly and effectively;
  • The cooperation among the resources of the company and collaboration with other entrepreneurial organizations and external bodies;
  • Preventive actions and internal investigations will have priority in order to protect workers' health and safety, thus significantly REDUCING the occurrence of INCIDENTS, PERSONAL INJURIES, WORKING ILLNESSES or other non-conformities;
  • This policy, its goals and the implementation of SGSL will be periodically reviewed in order to achieve continuous improvement in the levels of work health and safety.

It also undertakes to:

  • Implement a UNI EN ISO 9001-certified company management system, compliant with the ISO / TS 16949 technical specification, ensuring continuous commitment to support and test its progress, in view of ever-greater customer satisfaction;
  • ensure the system compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any other requirement undersigned by FAR, taking all the necessary corrective actions to deal with possible non-conformities;
  • implement training programs at all levels, circulate a "Quality" culture and provide all the competencies and skills necessary for the success of the Company;
  • prevent non-conformities;
  • involve Suppliers in the process of continuous improvement of products and services;
  • define specific projects aimed at implementing the continuous improvement policy, involving all company departments;
  • periodically review the goals and outcomes of the projects, assessing their effectiveness and suitability.

The General Management, based on both customers' and market needs, and involving all the stakeholders, annually define a Goal Plan for Safety/Quality/Environment and pledges to achieve the continuous improvement goals established. For each of them, the Managing Board defines the resources and the monitoring tools available.


With reference to the Environmental Management System, according to the principles set forth under UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, FAR S.r.l. pledges to:

a) implement and keep a UNI EN ISO 14001-certified environmental management system;

b) scrupulously respect all law requirements, or any other applicable regulation;

c) carefully control excessive material and energetic consumption during the production process and take any measure available for use optimization;

d) carefully manage all industrial waste resulting from production, taking any action to allow recycling, when possible, or their reduction at any rate;

e) carefully monitor uncontrolled atmospheric emissions and dispersion of materials in the environment;

f)  reduce environmental risk related to pollutants;

g) seek the continuous improvement of the environmental policy, always aiming at preventing possible causes of pollution and accidents;

h) guarantee production cycles' compliance with the applicable environmental regulations; through specific training, promote awareness of the environmental policy, involving all FAR staff members.


To achieve such goals the General Management commits to:

  • appoint on or more Representatives of the Managing Board, with the authority to establish the requirements of the Environmental Management system, also ensuring these will be applied and met;
  • activate - as specialized support - the "Environmental Manager" position and define duties and responsibilities of each internal function dealing with environmental impact, according to what set forth under the procedures established;
  • provide all the resources (human, technological and financial resources) necessary to implement and keep the Environmental Management System;
  • correctly apply the environmental management procedures, in order to reduce/minimize environmental hazard;
  • apply PAQ13 "Human Resources Training", carefully planning training needs and supervising the outcomes of the implementation of the environmental activities scheduled;
  • carefully monitor and supervise business activity, in order to elaborate - where needed - statistical analyses which will allow to establish verifiable objectives and take suitable actions to eliminate detected non-conformities;
  • whenever possible, select suppliers who guarantee the supply of services and material compliant with the environmental protection goals;
  • transfer the skills developed in the areas of Quality management to environmental matters to define and implement corrective and preventive actions, thus better managing the indicators defined to assess improvement in the environmental management;
  • under the responsibility of the Managing Board, periodically review the Environmental Management System, in order to ensure efficacy and effectiveness;
  • disclose this document to the public if requested.


FAR undertakes specially to:

  • international human rights norms and national labour laws;
  • abstain from using and supporting child labour;
  • abstain from using and supporting forced or compulsory labour as defined in ILO Convention
  • ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment and shall take effective steps to prevent potential accidents and injury to workers' health;
  • ensure freedom of association and right to collective bargaining;
  • abstain from adopting or supporting any form of discrimination;
  • treat all employees with dignity and respect, through a proper management of disciplinary practices;
  • comply with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours and public holidays.
  • respect the right of personnel to a living wage and ensure that wages paid for a normal work week always meet at least legal or industry minimum standards


FAR S.r.l also pledges to guarantee the continuous improvement of its production as to work health and safety, quality and environmental performance, defining improvements goals within specific action plans which must set time and duration, modes, responsibilities and financing.

This Health and Safety Environment and Quality Policy is established by the General Board. It is circulated to all staff members and all the third parties concerned. It will be reviewed by the Managing Board in order to adapt it to the data collected by the integrated Management System.

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